In our special webinar, we demonstrated how we drive tangible economic benefits with our reliable turbomachinery solutions for our customers.

Our webinar presentation included:

  • LNG plants process introduction
  • LNG liquefaction processes overview
  • APCI-C3MR: Main Refrigeration compressors configurations and controls objectives
  • CPOCP: Main Refrigeration compressors configurations and controls objectives
  • Other control design considerations

Presented by: Wayne Jacobson
Moderated by: Richard Hall, P.E. / Shady Tawfik, EMBA

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Whitepaper: Stop the Domino Effect

Learn more about how CCC can prevent cascading trips at LNG plants.

Whitepaper: Resolving Single Mixed Refrigerant (SMR) compressor control challenges

Many small-scale LNG plants utilize the two-stage single mixed refrigerant compressor (SMR) or the nitrogen (N2) expander technology. This whitepaper discusses the SMR compressor, and the compressor control system challenges associated with it’s typical design.

Virtual Instructor Led Training

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