In our special webinar, we showed how CCC’s integrated turbomachinery controls and optimization solutions can support ethylene plant designers, contractors and end-users by:

  • Decreasing energy consumption and costs for the plant’s turbomachinery assets
  • Reducing CapEx by early identification of potential design and scope issues during pre-FEED and FEED
  • Increasing throughput by maintaining higher compressor speed when you would otherwise be pressure limited
  • Ensuring proper selection of instrumentation and design of piping layout for optimum surge control and protection
  • Minimizing turbomachinery assets unplanned shutdowns and start-up periods and ensuring stable turbomachinery operation and safety during plant upsets

Presented by:
Medhat Zaghloul
Moderated by: Richard Hall, P.E. / Shady Tawfik, EMBA

Turbomachinery and Process Optimization Studies Brochure

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Case Study: Optimizing Performance

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Case Study: Turbomachinery Performance And Process Optimization

CCC conducted a Preventive Maintenance (PM) visit for a major national oil and gas company in the Middle East, it identified an opportunity to optimize the turbomachinery of its gas compression facility.

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